Available Memberships

All membership packages are billed automatically each month via automatic debit. Your membership can be cancelled at any time with no penalties, but no proration or unused service will be refunded unless otherwise arranged with a manager. 

All memberships are a "use them or lose them" condition. Unused services do not roll over into the next month and do not get refunded or prorated. You may upgrade or downgrade after the completion of the current months services by making arrangements with a service representative. 

All membership services are mobile and we come to you! We bring all of our own supplies and do the work right in your driveway so you do not have to leave the comfort and convenience of your own home! 

Wash Memberships

Bi -weekly (2 washes per month) and 10% off additional add-on services like carpet cleaning or paint correction. 99.00 mo.

Weekly wash (4 times monthly) and 10% off additional add-on services. 199.00 mo.

Family Membership 5 washes per month and you can add additional washes for 40.00 each. Additional washes must be acknowledged and added to the monthly membership fee. You receive an 15% off add-on services with this package. 245.00 mo.

You can use the washes for anyone in the household such as a child’s vehicle or spouses vehicle. All washes come with wash/dry, tire dressing on outside, window cleaning, and vacuum/wipe down on the inside. They take about 30-45 minutes each. Washes cannot be added at time of service visit, they must be scheduled with the membership coordinator.


Quarterly Electric Cart Service

This service will be done 4 times a year (quarterly) 

During your quarterly visits, the technician will test all batteries and top them all off with distilled water. The technician will inspect the solenoid, controllers, motor, bearings, suspension, tires, tighten all battery cables, and test charger. This service should be performed on a running/operating cart.

This service is not shareable within the household. You will receive 10% off of labor for repair services, and one free tow per year (restrictions apply).  12.00 mo.

Tows must be requested or arranged during regular business hours Monday- Friday. We do not offer emergency tows or tows after hours. The 10% off discount does not apply to parts and will be applied to labor only.


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