6 Tips to Help you Keep Wildfire Ash from Harming your Vehicle

6 Tips to Help you Keep Wildfire Ash from Harming your Vehicle

Get that ASH WASHED! 
Attempting to "rinse off" or "brush off" your car after a fire nearby can actually hurt your cars paint! 

A quick hose down will NOT DO!


You are NOT doing it a favor!

Don't let it eat your top coat!

Ash may look harmless... and in its dry form, it is. However, that is not the case when it gets moist or wet. Elements in wood ash can include things such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and calcium, and when mixed with water it can cause permanent etching on the vehicles exterior paint.

Moisture doesn't just come from rainfall but can be caused by fog, misty weather, or other elements out of your control such as sprinklers or puddles you may drive through.

When these chemicals get wet they create potassium hydroxide and calcium carbonate which are essentially an equivalent of an invasive heavy duty cleaner- like many drain cleaners. Yeah... your paint is silently in pain as it sits there in that ashy soot!

Prevent it

You can keep your vehicle garaged or covered to keep the ashy soot from reaching the paint. If it must be uncovered outdoors, you can wash it daily until the fire subsides.

Do not...

Try to wipe the ash off with a towel or equivalent because you will scratch the surface.

Do not think "a good ole' quick hose down" will do-  As explained above, when you wet the ash it creates a drain cleaner that you are letting just sit on your vehicles surface eating away at the top coat. A proper wash is needed, not a rinse.

Do NOT let the WATER SIT ON THE CAR! Drying must be done thoroughly to wipe away any possible leftovers that will dry on the paint.


Wash your vehicle with reputable car wash products (soaps, rags, towels, polish, etc.), and follow quickly with a thorough dry.

Also wash the bumpers and wheels as well to prevent damage.

When the fire and ash finally disappear, give your car, truck, motor home, or other ash harmed asset a really good detail!


Protect the things that value!

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