Golf cart lithium FAQ everything you need to know!

Golf cart lithium FAQ everything you need to know!

How low can I run the battery before charging?

We do not recommend running lower than 20% and charging to 100% after each use.


How often should I charge the battery?

The battery should be charged after every use, when the charger light stays green for over 3 minutes, unplug from cart.


Can I install it at home?

Certainly! If you have any concerns or questions regarding the fit or application of our lithium batteries, please feel free to call us at 951-580-9822. Our knowledgeable team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. We understand the importance of a proper fit and want to ensure a successful installation for your DIY project.

Let our CLM pros walk you through it!

Mounting your “Big Bank” battery.

Allied “Big Bank” Installation.


Is there a Bluetooth app?

Yes, the BLUETOOTH ENALBED APP displays:

  • Remaining AH and Voltage

  • Remaining Discharge Time

  • Remaining Charge Time

  • Current Amp Draw

  • Current Cell Temperature

  • Voltage of Individual Cells

  • Lifetime Power Cycles

  • Turn Charger On / Off

  • Turn Battery Pack On / Off

  • Safety Protection Dashboard10


What is included in the Commercial Package?

  • Battery

  • Waterproof Charger

  • Mounting Hardware

  • Installation Cables

  • State of Charge Meter

  • Terminal Protectors


Do I need a 48V to 12V Converter? (Sold separately)

Note: Do not connect 12V accessories (horn, lights, lighted whips, under glow lights, etc.) directly to the battery.

12V Accessories must connect to a 12V Step-Down Converter. This can be purchased here. There is also a 72V to 12V step-down voltage converter which you can find here. If you plan to use anything that requires a converter, check out this installation video.


Do I need to register my batteries for warranty purposes?

End users have 30 days to register the warranty here.


What is the difference between a 48V 65AH, 105AH and 150AH?

AH = Amp Hour. The higher the Amp Hour the increased runtime, the increase in amp hour, the longer runtime and better performance. Also, the larger the amp hour rating, the higher current draw the BMS can handle.


How much do they weigh?

The Commercial batteries range from 71lbs-157lbs depending on the product. 


Will they rust?

No, Allied Commercial Battery cases consist of powder coated high grade steel with stainless steel hardware. That’s right! No more nasty batteries!


Is the charger waterproof?

Yes the Allied Charger is designed to be mounted on the wall or directly onboard the cart and can withstand the elements.


Is Lithium safe?

LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is the safest battery chemistry available, and is non combustible/non flammable.


The BMS (battery management system) is integrated in each battery and will detect any problems with the performance of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning properly. The BMS will also protect the batteries from over-charging or undercharging of the batteries.


There are MANY benefits to Lithium Ion batteries including noise reduction, easy and fast charging, performance, sustainability, and did we mention they are backed by an outstanding 8 YEAR WARRANTY?

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