How to diagnose a 48 V golf cart that is not moving

How to diagnose a 48 V golf cart that is not moving
If your 48 V golf cart is not moving, it may be caused
by a few different issues. Diagnosing a non-moving
golf cart is simpler when you know what to look for.
By following these steps, you can quickly and safely
diagnose the issue and get your cart back on course!
Step 1: Check the on-board diagnostics. Most golf
carts will have a way of determining where a problem
may be occurring. Check the on-board diagnostics and
look for any error codes.
Step 2: Check the wiring and connections. Make sure
the battery and motor connections are secured
properly. If they are loose or not properly connected,
they can cause a lot of issues. Check the fuses and
relays too.
Step 3: Check the battery. Use a meter to check the
voltage of the battery. Make sure it is still functioning
correctly. If the battery is too low, it could be the cause
of your issue.
Step 4: Check the motor. Make sure the motor is not
blocked or jammed. This can prevent the cart from
moving. Additionally, check the brushes and brushes
caps on the motor. If they are worn out or damaged,
they will need to be replaced.
Step 5: Check the controller. Inspect the controller
and see if there are any loose connections.
Additionally, check the voltage to the controller. If the
voltage is low, the controller may not be working
Step 6: Check the reverse system. Most carts have a
reverse system built in. Make sure it is functioning correctly and not preventing the cart from moving.
By following these steps, you can quickly diagnose a
non-moving golf cart. Make sure to be safe while
checking the cart! If any of the steps seem to be too
complicated, take the cart to a professional for help.
That way, you can get your cart back on the course as
soon as possible!
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