Mobile Golf Cart Repair Services


TIER 1- Golf Cart Annual Service: This service includes oil filter and oil, air filter, fuel filter, brake adjustment, tire rotation, spark plug change, alignment inspection, and general inspection of cart.  250.00

TIER 3- Golf Cart Annual Service: This service includes everything in the TIER 2 service with the addition of the rear differential fluid change. 350.00


Golf Cart No Start/Move Diagnostic: The technician will go through a trouble shooting process to quickly and accurately diagnose the reason for the cart not running well or not starting. $150-250

If inside of Canyon Lake -$ 150

Alignment: The technician will inspect suspension and correct steering wheel making any adjustments necessary to make the cart drive strait. 150

Golf Cart Brake Adjustment: The technician will remove the wheels and the brake drums and inspect the pads for irregular ware or damage. If no damaged found we will then clean and adjust the rear brakes. A through inspection of the full braking system including any adjustments to the pedal will be done at this time. 250.00

Golf Cart General Diagnostic: This is a general diagnostic to address a specific issue. You will receive a phone call from a representative to ask for more information. 150-200

Golf Cart Tire Repair: We will remove the wheel and find the source of the leak on your tire and repair with a patch or plug if possible. If repair isn’t possible replacement is available. Service is available at our shop location. (4) $125.00

Pre-Purchase/Safety Inspection: During this inspection our technicians will visually inspect tires and check/adjust tire pressure, top off any and all fluids including distilled water, check the alignment, and perform a battery test. $150

Electric Cart Quarterly Service: During this visit the technician will test all batteries and top them all off with distilled water. The technician will inspect the solenoid, controllers, motor, bearings, suspension, tires, tighten all battery cables, test charger, This service should be performed on a running/operating cart. 150.00

Golf Cart Brake Repair Kit: Brakes are very important as a safety measure, we want to ensure that all components are maintained and ready to perform as expected. To ensure this our technicians will replace the brake shoes and drums. They will also adjust brakes and the brake pedal.  325.00


Golf Cart LED Whip Installation: We come and install 4' Bluetooth whips on any golf cart gas or electric. If cart is equipped with blinkers, the blinker/brake add on is available. This allows the whips to sync with blinkers and brakes and operate accordingly together. Whips will imitate brakes and blinkers. Comes with flags for each whip. Set of two. 375.00

Trip Charge: Anything out of our general region will be subject to a non-refundable travel fee. This is based on a 10-mile radius from the Canyon Lake Community starting at $125.00