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Bremark E Wagon street legal LSV

SKU: 4pwroofwhi

If you are a fan of the G Wagon, you will love the "E Wagon"! Made to perfection mimicking the bells and whistles of the Mercedes G Wagon in class, style, and functionality, with the only difference being size! Cruise around your local golf course or your residential community with the Sleek and Sexy E Wagon for sure catching all eyes! Equipped with a 48V 105AH Lithium Ion battery so you have the most upgraded battery system on the market!


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Front Brakes Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Rear Brakes 7 inch Mechanical Drum Brakes
Drive Motor Direct Drive 48 Volts 3-Phase AC, 17.5 HP
Transaxle Double Reduction, High-Speed Gears
Electrical System 48-Volt DC
Batteries Bremark 105 amp Lithium Pack 48V DC 
Battery Charger On-Board Delta-Q
Speed Controller SEVCON. Gen4 450 Amp Continuous
Steering Rack and Pinion
Chassis Aluminum I-Beam Automotive
Body Finish Automotive Paint
Interior Material Marine-Type Vinyl
Carpet Marine-type Synthetic
Forward Speed Up to 25 MPH 
Braking Distance (From 20mph) <9 Feet
Available Seating Configuration 4, 6