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Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-2010 Eco Lithium 48v 105Ah Battery Bundle - Thru Hole

SKU: B-3502


  • Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-2010

This Bundle Includes:

  • 51V 105Ah LifePo4 Battery "Thru Hole" - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-051105-01
  • 51V CAN Charger (Locking Quick Connect) - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-1055
  • DC-DC 12V Converter (40V-90V Input) - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-1272
  • CAN Digital 5V Gauge Kit - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-3102
  • Yamaha G29/Drive (2007-2010) Charge Port (Locking) - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-4046
  • Yamaha G29/Drive Mounting Bracket (51V Thru Hole) - Nivel/Eco Battery# A-8212

Please Note: Components of kit may vary based on model

Additional Fitments:

  • Yamaha 2011-2016 G29/Drive & 2017-Up Drive2 - B-3522